Faster Braces!

Whether Dr. Chu IS your orthodontist, WAS your orthodontist, or you're checking us out to make him your FUTURE orthodontist, we have got good news for you! Two words,




That's right, STRAIGHT teeth in LESS time. Now, if you are already familiar with our orthodontic office, then this is no surprise to you. The Damon System braces are known for their comfort and for moving teeth at a much faster rate. Did you know that Dr. Chu was actually the first orthodontist in the state of Wisconsin to start using the Damon system. What exactly IS the Damon System? The Damon system is a system of orthodontics that uses "self-ligating" braces. What is self-ligating? That simply means that rather than attaching the arch wire to the brackets with elastic ligatures, the brackets themselves have a component that closes around the wire to keep it attached. Damon brackets are smaller, smoother and less likely to cause damage to your teeth and mouth as they gently move teeth. 

The unique design of the Damon braces makes them easier, more comfortable and yes, FASTER braces! Choosing an orthodontist highly trained in working with the Damon System, like Dr. Chu braces take on average six months LESS than treatment with traditional braces.

If you haven't experienced the Damon System first hand, give our office a call to set up your free consultation today