Love Your Canines Parade



Dr. Gary Chu and The Chu Crew are pleased to announce the first annual "Love Your Canine's Parade"! Dr. Chu not only loves teeth, braces, and orthodontics, but he also loves to support the community of Racine, WI. Always celebrating his patients by having annual fundraisers and events, now it's time to include man's best friend in The Chu Crew's brand of orthodontic fun! On October 2nd, 2015 Dr. Gary Chu and The Chu Crew invite you to take part in Racine's first dog walk! The walk will begin at 5:00 PM at downtown Racine's Monument Square finishing at The Racine Yacht Club at 1 Barker Street. The fun doesn't stop there, snacks and refreshments will be served while you get to hangout with your favorite orthodontist and orthodontic staff! Bring your friends, family, and your favorite canine or canines! For questions and to reserve your spot in the parade please call our office at (262)884-0255.