Why Braces?


The number one question an orthodontist can answer is, "Why do I need braces?". There are many reasons why someone might need braces, some more serious and others for cosmetic reasons. Here is a run down of the typical reasons someone might need braces.

1. Teeth straightening- when your teeth grow in "crooked" or overlapping. Braces are used to expand and unravel the crowding of your teeth.

2. Space closure- when your teeth grow in with "gaps" or spaces between them. Braces are used to close spaces and align the teeth.

3. Correcting a bite- when your teeth do not bite together properly. Both an "overjet/overbite" where the upper jaw is too far out and sends the upper teeth forward, and an "underbite" where your bottom teeth extend beyond your upper teeth, can be corrected with braces. These are best treated when detected early with an orthodontic screening which is recommended by age 7 by the American Association for Orthodontics. 

4. Prevention- when there is a risk of losing a tooth or a serious issue without orthodontic treatment. Braces can be used for expansion to prevent the need for extraction. Braces can also be used to prevent the risk of impaction where a tooth isn't able to erupt and becomes "stuck" in the gums. 

There are many reasons why you could need braces, but it begins with your orthodontic consultation. Call our office today to take the step toward an award winning smile.