YOU and Your Orthodontic Treatment


Did you know that YOU, our patient, play the largest role in your orthodontic treatment? Sure, as an orthodontist and orthodontic team Dr. Chu and The Chu Crew put their expertise to diligent use with each and every single one of your orthodontic appointments. But, the truth is, YOU are in control of your orthodontic future! I'm sure you're wondering, "How am I in control of my braces when I'm not an orthodontist?". Well, here are some tips to not only make the braces process go smoothly, but also to help speed up your orthodontic treatment!

1. BRUSH BRUSH BRUSH! Did you know the healthier your gums are the faster your teeth are actually going to move and straighten from your braces?

2. Really DO avoid our list of "no no foods". Gum, sticky candy, hard foods really can and will break your brackets off and can slow your treatment time down significantly, therefore putting you in braces longer! 

3. Wear your rubber bands as close to 24 hours a day as possible (unless recommended otherwise). The more you wear your rubber bands the sooner during your orthodontic treatment you can stop!

4. Don't miss your scheduled appointments and try to avoid re-scheduling as much as possible! We know everyone has busy lives and that sometimes things come up, but everytime you miss and or re-schedule an appointment it adds on time to your treatment based on availability! 

Remember YOU are in control of your orthodontic treatment and speeding things up to get yourself out of braces as soon as possible! Dr. Chu and The Chu Crew are there to make sure your braces process is fun, fast, and a once in a lifetime experience!