Highlight on Dr. Chu


Of course you know Dr. Chu! He's a great orthodontist, has been in practice for over 20 years, and offers the latest and greatest up to date technologies in orthodontics! But here are some fun things to help you get to know your amazing orthodontist a little better! 


Dr. Chu is a musical orthodontist! He can be found every Sunday at his church playing the congas! 
While Dr. Chu was studying in college to later one day become your orthodontist, he was also a gymnast too! 
Dr. Chu is multifasceted and in 2008 he was on the US Olympic Sailing team! Dr. Chu and The Chu Crew also have an office catamaran and frequently take patients out on Lake Michigan! How many orthodontists do that?
Did you know that Dr. Chu is a twin? His brother Norm is a dentist and they attended dental school together! 
At the age of 12 Dr. Chu realized he wanted to become an orthodontist when he grew up.