Brush Your Canines Video Contest

 Taking care of the health of your teeth and your braces is very important! Your orthodontist, Dr. Chu, always stresses the importance of dental health especially while in braces and the midst of your orthodontic treatment! Dental health goes much further than your teeth, your braces, and your personal orthodontic treatment! Dental health is something the entire family should take part in, and that's why Dr. Chu likes to likes to even include man's best friend! To promote dental health awareness in your pets, Dr. Chu's next orthodontic contest celebrates brushing your pet's teeth! Submit a video of you brushing your pet's teeth! To get you started here are some fun and easy recipes for toothpaste for your pet! 

Herbal Toothpaste 

Start with coconut oil, mix in turmeric, kelp and parsley flakes and store in the fridge between uses. To use, gently warm up for a safe and natural teeth cleaning. 

Beef Bouillon Toothpaste

Start with beef bouillon and add a baking soda and salt base. Use a small amount of water to make the paste, and add dried or fresh parsley to keep your dog's breath extra fresh. 

Cinnamon Toothpaste

Start with a bouillon cube of your choice, add coconut oil, baking soda, cinnamon and voila! 

Now grab your video recorder and get started! Have fun with it, remember to smile, and happy brushing!