Best of Racine


 Dr. Chu is passionate about teeth, braces, and truly enjoys being an orthodontist. There is no greater compliment than when your community recognizes your passion and dedication to your career! With that being said, Dr. Chu and the Chu Crew greatly appreciate being voted as "Best Dentist" in The Journal Times "Best of Racine County" for 2016. 

"It is an honor to work in an environment where we get to help people achieve their dream of a beautiful smile." -Abby, Lab Technician

"I love that I am able to have a career in the field I always dreamed, and genuinely look forward to going to work each day! " -Sydney, Orthodontic Assistant

We are proud to continue doing what we love, making people's smiles more beautiful everyday, and making braces and orthodontic treatment faster, easier, and a positive experience! Thank you to everyone who continues to support our passions and for letting us make your smiles!