Annual Candy Buy Back

For the entire month of October and through November 10th our orthodontic office is accepting candy for our annual Candy Buy Back! Have sticky, gooey, chewy candy you can't eat with your braces on? Or simply have so much candy you just want to get rid of it? Or want to do your part to support our troops overseas and a really great cause? GREAT! Your orthodontist, Dr. Chu is here to help raise money for a charity and reward you for your extra candy! 

What is the Candy Buy Back? 

Our orthodontic office's annual even where we will buy your Halloween candy from you! We pay $1.00 per lb of candy you bring in, and we will match the amount of money paid out and donate that to a charity! 

Where does the candy go? 

We send all of the candy to our troops overseas.

How do you participate? 

Stop by our office during normal business hours. It's as simple as bringing your candy in, we will weigh it and pay you right there on the spot!