Braces with Dr. Chu are fast and comfortable!

What if I told you your orthodontic treatment can be fast, comfortable, and you will still achieve the results you've been dreaming of? That's right, the advancements in technology have made braces and achieving your dream smile easier than ever! Dr. Chu believes in using the newest advances in orthodontic technology to make your orthodontic treatment the very best it can be! 

What makes Dr. Chu and his orthodontic treatment different from other orthodontists? 

First things first, you will notice the second you step into our office the high level of care Dr. Chu and the Chu Crew put into each and every single appointment. Dr. Chu takes the time to speak to each individual patient and share their progress, status, and the next steps in their orthodontic treatment. Being in braces is all about your orthodontic journey, and what Dr. Chu and the Chu Crew can do to make it the very best journey possible! 

What technology sets Dr. Chu and his team apart from other orthodontists in the area?

First things first, Dr. Chu uses the Damon system, which is a passive self ligating orthodontic system that eliminates the need for "tightening" appointments unlike other types of braces, and ultimately moves the teeth faster and eliminates discomfort.

Your braces and orthodontic journey get even better from there!  In 2009, the FDA cleared a solf pulse technology that uses a mouthpiece to accelerate tooth moothment called, Acceledent. Acceledent is used for 20 minutes a day to send gentle micro-pulses to accelerate the bone remodeling process. As soon as the Acceledent was FDA approved, Dr. Chu instated it in our office, and we have been able to cut our treatment times in half! 

To Dr. Chu it is more than just being an orthodontist. To him the entire braces experience is one to treasure ending with your dream smile! We offer completely complimentary consultations where Dr. Chu can "take a look" and then discuss getting your journey started!