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We appreciate our patients and their families and the faith they put into our orthodontic practice. Dr. Chu began his practice as an orthodontist in the Racine area over 20 years ago. He instantly recognized and appreciated the warm sense of community and also loved that he could enjoy sailing on Lake Michigan! 

Dr. Chu's success as an orthodontist comes from so much more than his attention to detail and passion for orthodontics. Dr. Chu's orthodontic practice continues to grow all thanks to our amazing patients! That's right, without your constant support and positive words about our orthodontic practice we wouldn't be where we are today. Thank you to each and every patient, family member and friend who continue to take their time to share postive words about getting braces with Dr. Chu. We ask that if you haven't already, please write us a facebhook review or a Google review to continue to let the community of Racine know about your positive experience with Dr. Chu and the Chu Crew!