2017 Candy Buy Back Begins

Happy October, It's that time of year again! Dr. Chu and the Chu Crew are known for more than orthodontics and braces, but for their many years of giving back to the community. What does that mean for the orthodontic office of Dr. Chu in October? Our orthodontic office has the annual Candy Buy Back celebration.

What is a Candy Buy Back you may ask? A Candy Buy Back is where Dr. Chu and his orthodontic team will buy your Halloween candy from you after Trick or Treating. What better way to resist the sticky, gooey, chewy candy that you know you can't have with braces on than to sell it back to your orthodontist! Candy is purchased for $1.00 per lb and $1.00 per lb donations will be matched and given to a local charity. Dr. Chu's generosity doesn't end there! Once the Candy Buy Back is complete, all of the candy is then packaged and sent overseas for the troops! This years Candy Buy back candy collection will begin on October 30th through November 9th, during our normal office hours. We will see you then!