Why Wear Your Retainer

Did you forget to wear your retainer?

At every "retainer check" appointment, Dr. Chu and his assistant ask you if you've been faithfully wearing your retainers. Why are they so worried about your retainer wear? Well, wearing your retainers is your most important job when it comes to your orthodontic treatment. Together you, Dr. Chu and the Chu Crew have worked hard to get your teeth into their best possible position with your braces. However, when the braces are removed, your teeth naturally will want to return to their original positions.


That's right! The natural progression and force of gravity can cause your teeth to want to revert back to their normal positions. That's where you and your retainers come in! To prevent this from happening and to allow the teeth to adapt to their new positions, retainers must be worn faithfully. Minor tooth movement occurs in every mouth throughout life, whether or not you have had orthodontic treatment. But, these changes are prevented by lifelong retainer wear. We recommend that after the initial stabilization period after braces (first year), retainers be worn every night for the rest of your life while sleeping. 

What else can you do?

Remember to bring your retainers to all of your appointments after your braces are removed so that we can check their fit, adjust if necessary, and if you've forgotten to wear them we can proceed accordinly. Not wearing a retainer even for a few days can cause significant tooth shifting!  Remember to make your retainer wear an important part of your everyday routine after your orthodontic treatment.