Summer Time Braces Time!

Life can be overwhelmingly busy, sometimes it feels like there’s never a “good” time to commit and get braces. But, if your teeth or your general dentist are telling you that it’s time to schedule that trip to the orthodontist, the summer may be the perfect time to start your orthodontic treatment! Aside from the fact that everything is just a little more fun in the summer, there are many great reasons why getting braces is better when school isn't in session.


No homework, no extracurricular activities, and fewer sports commitments can make it a lot easier to find time in your already busy schedule. It makes it much easier to schedule those longer beginning appointments (the placing of your braces) and also helps keep your child from missing school. Overall, scheduling orthodontic appointments is a lot easier for both children and adults in the summer! 


The beginning stages of acclimating and getting used to your braces can take some time. What better time than summer to get acclimated and not let it interrupt the day to day school schedule. In the summer, there are less responsibilities, more flexible schedules and the ability to be at home gives kids a chance to get used to their braces. Plus, it will be easier for them to deal with initial discomfort, establish hygiene routines and have easy access to braces-friendly foods.

Soft Foods.

I'm sure we can all agree that summertime foods tend to be the best and the most braces friendly! Ice cream, popsicles, watermelon, pasta salads are just some staples of the tastes of summer . . . and are all braces-friendly! Just remember to avoid sticky, chewy crunchy and hard foods to keep your braces on your teeth and allow them to do their job! 

By the time schools starts back up in the fall, your kids will be pros at having braces. The adjustment period will have passed and they'll be on their way to completing their orthodontic treatment.