Nederman Extraction System




Nederman Extraction System

The health and safety of our staff and patients is of the upmost importance to us. In the orthodontic and dental industry, aerosol produced from procedures can create indoor air quality concerns. Aerosols may carry potentially hazardous microbes, viruses, allergens and other toxic substances that can be harmful. That is why it is extremely important that we implement infection control procedures to minimize dental aerosol clouds.

One of the most important things you can do to protect against aerosols is to reduce airborne particles with continuous suction using Dental Aerosol Extractors. While this system was already in place, we came to the conclusion that we must stay proactive on other ways to protect our staff and patients.

That is why we have installed Nederman FX arms at every one of our patient chairs. The Nederman arm uses a powerful fan to draw dental aerosol particles into a filtration system and out the building. While using these arms air is suctioned out of the building within 1.66 seconds, and extracted at more than 75 cubic feet per minute.

While this line of defense is not required, we have decided the health and safety of our staff and patients is too important to not implement every precautionary measure available. We are so excited to be the only orthodontic clinic is Wisconsin to have these arms installed, and these will help us be the safest orthodontic office around!